White Mocambo Platinum Rum
By careful distillation we have created a rum with a smooth and fresh flavor. Perfectly suited for many combinations such as the traditional Cuba Libre.

White Mocambo Platinum Rum

Drink made from the highest quality Mexican sugarcane juice.
With careful distillation we create a light white rum with a soft and fresh flavor.
With this process we create an exceptional product that connoisseurs distinguish and appreciate.
Rum is a product of the distillate of the fermented must of the sugars of the cane.
This product is a rum aged in selected old oak barrels of white oak.
  • VIEW: Bright and crystalline translucent liquid, high density denoting good body and slow runoff
  • NOSE: Clean and characteristic aroma of Caribbean rum, with sweet notes of juice cane, not alcoholized. Balancing caramel, wood, spices and dried fruit aromas
  • MOUTH: Pleasant and cordial taste without synthetic notes. Robust on the palate, pleasant and smooth taste, light wood notes and an exquisite and soft fruity and semi-dry finish
Balance between aroma and flavor.
  • It is recommended to take it with ice, and a lemon twist, as an appetizer or as a digestive
  • Essential drink to prepare a Cuba Libre
  • Taste it alone, on the rocks or mixed in the cocktail of your choice