“Hijos de Villa” Restful tequila special edition "Rifle Design"
Tequila Created To Commemorate The 55th Anniversary Of Veracruz Liquors. Made with blue agave, we make the children of Villa a product of limited and numbered edition. Unique Presentations Nationally and Internationally Awarded That Remember Mexican Pride Bravío

“Hijos de Villa” Restful tequila special edition "Rifle Design"

Distinction and originality in its presentation.
Distillates rested in Jalisco, land of blue agave, certified by the highest authority, the regulatory council of tequila (crt).
Alcoholic beverage, obtained by the distillation of musts derived from the heads of Agave Tequilana Weber Blue variety.
  • VIEW: Transparent liquid of bright straw yellow
  • NOSE: Classic, soft and delicate aroma, characteristic of tequila, slightly sweet, with fresh nuances of agave and dried fruits
  • MOUTH: The palate shows its exquisite strength, and pleasant characteristic flavor of the agave and the slight sweetness that comes from the honey, adorned with the nutty flavor. Not bitter, not astringent, not acidic. The characteristic flavor is appreciated, which provides the time of rest in the barrel
Consumer Suggestions
  • Ideal as a snack
  • Classic ingredient of the daisy
  • Combined with cola or grapefruit soda and ice, a little lemon and a pinch of salt
We make Children of Villa an original product.