Case "Mexicans With Tradition" Assortment
Ideal for gift, souvenir

Case "Mexicans With Tradition" Assortment

We present two traditionally Mexican drinks with Designation of Origin: Tequila Dos Coronas Reposado and Mezcal Reposado Lajita, certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council. Two cane distillates: Aguardiente el Tigre special and Aguardiente El Chorrito Añejo. A Mocambo Añejo Solera Rum, the authentic Rum from Veracruz. A Cafka Coffee Liqueur, made with high altitude coffee from the Mountains Region of the State of Veracruz.
A sample of 100% Mexican drinks.
The best way to enjoy a drink.
Excellent detail and / or memory for that special date.
Presentation of habitual use in mini bars and / or servibars.
For airline service. The missing piece in your miniature bottle collection
All are aged in old European white oak barrels in the shade, in a humid subtropical climate. CATA'S NOTES:
  • TEQUILA REPOSADO: Transparent bright straw yellow. Characteristic aroma of tequila, slightly sweet, soft and delicate, with fresh nuances of agave, exquisite strength, adorned with the taste of nuts, which provides the time of rest in the barrel.
  • MEZCAL REPOSADO: Clear liquid with a golden hue, transparent and bright, delicious and delicate balance of traditional aromas of agave, exquisite balance between the flavor of Oaxacan mezcal and the maguey worm.
  • AGUARDIENTES: Translucent, crystalline and bright. Lightweight low density body and good runoff, combination Exotic aroma and taste of wood and cane brandy, a classic of Liquors Veracruz of the highest quality.
  • RUM AÑEJO: Amber, crystalline and bright color, with gold flashes, high density denoting a good body by its slow runoff, clean and characteristic aroma of Caribbean rum, notes of caramel, wood, spices and dried fruits. Pleasant and cordial taste.
  • COFFEE LIQUOR: 100% natural coffee drink, crystalline and bright liquid, high density and excellent body. Pleasant and exquisite aroma and characteristic flavor of coffee with caramel notes, pleasant to the palate and good permanence.
Product description:
1set with 6 glass miniatures, 50 ml each of different Liquor products Veracruz:
  • White cane brandy “El Tigre Especial” 38%
  • Añejo cane brandy "El Chorrito Especial" 38%
  • Reposado Tequila Dos Coronas 38%
  • Rum aged Mocambo Solera 6 Years 38%
  • Mezcal Divino Reposado with agave worm 38%
  • Cafka Coffee Liqueur 100% Natural 19.5%