Sangrita Del Corazón

Sangrita is traditionally a mixture with tomato juice, orange juice, fresh lemon juice, salt and chili.

Drink born in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, created to accompany the Tequila.

Non-alcoholic drink, popular accompaniment to Tequila, is usually served cold.
It was originally created to soften the flavor of Tequila.
This Mexican drink is a companion that allows a better assimilation of liquor and few side effects
  • VIEW: Opaque liquid of red color, characteristic of tomato juice, slightly dense and full-bodied, generally presents a certain amount of tomato sediment at the bottom of the bottle.
  • NOSE: Pleasant characteristic aroma of tomato and orange, light citrus and species notes.
  • MOUTH: Excellent combination of bittersweet flavor with a pleasant itch, wrapped in a delicate touch of salt. Interesting citrus finish balanced between aroma and flavor.
Consumer Suggestions:
  • It is recommended to drink it cold, accompanying a tequila wheel.
  • Mixed with tequila and frappé ice to prepare a Vampire.